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Santa Clarita Personal Injury Attorney Answers FAQs

About Personal Injury Attorneys

The Accident Lawyers and staff are dedicated to helping injury victims by taking care of the legal aspects of a personal injury case while the client concentrates on healing.  Often clients do not realize that an important step following an accident is to contact a Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer  committed to assisting clients through all steps and procedures following a personal injury accident.

What is a personal injury?

Most accidents are preventable and the ones that do happen are usually the result of reckless, careless or negligent actions of another.  Some examples of personal injury cases including injuries involving a
car accident cases,
motorcycle accident injury cases, and those that are the result of a
truck accident,
bus accident,
bicycle accident,
medical malpractice,
slip & fall,
wrongful death,
defective products,
catastrophic injuries, or workplace injury involving a
workers’ compensation claim, as well as other accidents where another can be liable to the injured parties for damages of loss of income, medical bills, and pain and suffering.  The payment of damages compensates the victims.

Are insurance companies trustworthy?

Insurance companies are businesses and protect their profits when possible.  They often attempt to settle quickly and for as small amount as possible while downplaying injuries.  An attorney can assist during the insurance claim process and help uncover undisclosed areas of compensation.  Clients are often unaware of such reimbursements and other costs a victim is entitled to receive.  It is important to have legal representation to ensure the protections of the best interests and rights to compensation during the entire personal injury process and claims investigation and settlement negotiations.

What is a claim worth?

Each accident is unique, as are the injuries that people receive.  A personal injury lawyer is educated and knowledgeable in all areas of personal injury and can help determine the worth of an injury.  Some injuries that result in permanent disability or disfigurement would have a different value from injuries that victims recover from and can resume their prior lifestyles.  There are specific calculations used by insurance companies when determining the worth of an injury and an experienced and skilled attorney can pursue maximum compensation for clients.

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